Biden news: Former VP says he is worried Americans are at risk of becoming numb to the coronavirus death toll

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden warns opponent over 'abuse of power' (AP)
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden warns opponent over ‘abuse of power’ (AP)

The Biden campaign released a new attack ad roasting Donald Trump’s coronavirus response, latching onto Bob Woodward’s revelations that “he knew” the true extent of the threat posed to Americans.

It comes as the president himself gave Joe Biden praise as a professional that would do well in the upcoming debates, but not without slipping in a jab that the ex-VP is “not all there”.

The Democratic presidential challenger, meanwhile, accused Republicans of treating the fight to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court like “a game”. At the same time, Biden has refused to release his own list of preferred nominees for the post.

The late justice and feminist icon, who passed away on Friday aged 87, said her dying wish was for her replacement to be nominated by the winner of the upcoming election, a plea Donald Trump and Senate leader Mitch McConnell look set to ignore in favour of pressing ahead with their own choice.

Biden held a campaign event in Wisconsin, where a new poll from Reuters/Ipsos shows Biden ahead in Wisconsin, but with a narrower lead in Pennsylvania. He said the US can’t allow itself to become numb to the increasing Covid-19 death toll as the country continues to face a public health crisis.

At Trump’s own campaign rally today, the president only made his usual passing references to the China virus, instead accusing Biden of treason for his role in the Obama administration’s so-called “spying” during the presidential 2016 election.

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